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Aaron Smith - The importancy and power of test shoots

Episode Summary

On this episode I'm speaking with Aaron Smith, a commercial photographer from Los Angeles, about the importance of personal work / test shoots and how these can bring you the clients you wish for. As an additional topic we are talking about a short film, Aaron and his wife Lwany did on female pro skateboarders, called "Above The Noise". In this film they concentrate on the ascension of female skateboarding and an abundance of sexism and comments left on social media that comes with it.

Episode Notes

Aaron Smith was born and raised in Kansas City. His creative interest first began when he turned his bedroom walls into a drawing board.

A few years after picking up his first skateboard he picked up his first camera. Both of them blended together, and it shaped his photography into what it is today. During high school and college, he began getting photos published in the magazines he grew up reading. After finishing school at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Aaron and his wife moved to California where Aaron became a staff photographer for the late Skateboarder Magazine. He traveled the world experiencing and photographing the global culture of skateboarding and everything it had to offer.

Aaron and his wife Lwany both live in Los Angeles with their dog Kansas. They frequently work together on different advertising and editorial jobs. His unique take on lifestyle, fashion, and portraiture derive from his years of experience in the skate industry.


Aaron has a broad clientele including Apple, Amazon, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Vans, Vizio, Disney, Netflix, Leica, Polaroid, Quiksilver and many more.

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